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Fishing in Rompin

About Bluesails Sportfishing


Bluesails Sportfishing’s IGFA Captain Mike Tan first made contact with a local pioneer skipper in Kuala Rompin following an off-roading trip to nearby Endau Rompin National Park in 1997, & was thrilled to realise the Sailfishing potential of this little known spot. Sailfishing in Rompin was later introduced to the region after an Asian fishing magazine article was published that same year.


Capt.Mike wet his lines as a recreational fisho for many years at Kuala Rompin, and after witnessing that much better standards, service & expertise could be implemented, established Bluesails Sportfishing in 2003, thereby becoming one of the pioneers of this previously obscure Malaysian Sailfishery.


Since the establishment of Bluesails Sportfishing, Capt. Mike has released well over 5000 Sails for his fishing guests along with a decent number of juvenile Black Marlin. He is a regular contributor to the International Hot Bites report in Bluewater Boat & Sportfishing Magazine since 2007. He is also passionate about fish conservation & was the first ever IGFA Captain to be invited to the Maldives in 2011 to conduct an inaugural catch & release program for the various resorts fishing crews. For Capt.Mike fishing is about passion, dedication, local knowledge, sustainability & conservation. For more information about the Maldives Catch and Release Fishing Program please visit


Bluesails Sportfishing caters mainly to international game fishos from the well-travelled expat community in Singapore & the region, who would like to experience personalized service, & a well-organized, hassle-free, & comfortable game-fishing experience based on international recreational fishing industry standards. We believe that quality service, optimal fishing results, comfort & expertise are essential to the running of a professional fishing charter. 


In line with Bluesails Sportfishing’s aim of attaining the highest possible fishing standards, IGFA Capt.Mike Tan attended the prestigious Marlin University in Kona, Hawaii in July 2013 & was conferred the degree of Master Angler. This further enhanced his skills & knowledge as a big game fishing angler, & a boat captain for Billfish species in particular.


This comprehensive course was conducted by world-renowned legendary IGFA Hall of Fame Captain, Peter B Wright,  then the chief instructor at Marlin University, along with Dave Ferrell, then the Editor of Marlin Magazine & Director of Marlin University. The program included 5 full days of fishing & daily evening seminars, learning from world-class & well established big game fishing charter captains & their crews at Kona, Hawaii. This helped raise Capt. Mike’s skills, expertise, standards, knowledge & expectation levels even higher in terms of what it takes to run a world-class game fishing charter. 


The experience in Kona inspired Capt. Mike to establish an annual summer fishing package to Kona, Hawaii for fishos residing in the Asian region who have already experienced the sensational Sailfishing action in Rompin & would like to make the ultimate Big Game fishing pilgrimage to Kona; the Pacific Blue Marlin capital of the world! For more information about Bluesails Sportfishing Hawaii please visit


Capt. Mike has previously fished for Blue Marlin in Mauritius, and the experience in Kona reignited his passion for chasing big Blues ranging from 200lbs to Granders above 1,000 lbs that are well-known to patrol the calm waters off Kona in good numbers during the summer months. The rich big-game fishing history and numerous record breaking Granders caught off Kona since the 1950’s are what make it the true Blue Marlin capital of the world! 


About Captain Mike Tan


Capt. Mike caught his first Sailfish in Puerto Morelos near Cancun, Mexico in 1993 & has been hooked ever since. He is a certified MPA (Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore) Captain since 2002 (No. 78480) & current IGFA Captain since 2009.


A little personal trivia about the main skipper, Mike Tan:


Born in Singapore, a Pisces (the sign of the fish!), started fishing at age 6, a certified PADI diver (Diver No. 0209A33906), USPA skydiver, advanced driver & 4WDriver. College & university completed in Montreal, Canada. Has therefore endured several long, cold winters, & has experienced cross-country & downhill skiing as well as ice-fishing.


In the summer months, spent all his free time scooping Walleye, Bass, Pike, Muskies & Sturgeons from the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes. Travelled to the Caribbean & Mexico to escape the Canadian winters, and had the privilege of fishing with and being mentored by many big game skippers and crew in these places. Later travelled to notable fishing destinations like the Maldives, Mauritius, Phuket, Madeira, Tonga, Cairns, Kona, Algarve, Azores & Cape Verde Islands. Believes that big game fishing is all about passion, dedication, local knowledge, adaptability & confidence, but that at the end of the day you still need an element of luck & mother-nature’s co-operation. He is happy to have found a “home” in Kuala Rompin & Tioman Island for consistent billfish action. Is known to boldly proclaim that he has gills and even has webbed-fingers to prove it! Possesses an uncanny ability to sniff Sailers on the wind, predict weather & get his clients hooked up with piscatorial excitement.

About Captain Mike Tan

Bluesails Sportfishing operates fishing charters at Kuala Rompin and Pulau Tioman, Malaysia and other global Billfish destinations 

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