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The Crew

Bluesails Sportishing Charters owner - IGFA Captain Mike Tan is known for producing outstanding billfish action since 2003. We love what we do & want nothing more than to see our clients catch Billfish. 

Bluesails Sportfishing crew members have a real respect for the marine environment. Each Billfish is carefully released after a quick photo session and revived boatside until it can take off under its own power.

A professional crew understands the teamwork it takes to get a big fish alongside the boat & release it safely. The winning edge of the Bluesails crew consists of our copious local knowledge combined with the bait, lure and techniques that have been proven effective time & time again in these waters.  Just as important would be ensuring our guests are comfortable & having a good time onboard other than catching fish. Our prority is always to understand & help our guests achieve their goals  & expectations on the charter. Having an amiable & friendly crew will go a long way for the overall experience as well.



We feel that a fishing charter dependent on the local skippers for results, is acting as no more than a tour guide. The importance of a professional skipper and crew cannot be emphasized enough when the fishing gets tough, and yet they are still able to produce the results.

Since word got out about the great Sailfishing in Kuala Rompin, many self-proclaimed fishing guides with no local knowledge started setting up operations, & today continue to do so with guides from Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere. These guides claim to be ‘experts’ but the majority do not have the expertise, safety standards or knowledge of international game fishing charters and are totally dependent on local boatmen for results. 

In addition, with the ongoing expansion of the fishing fleet, many of the local boatmen are not licensed boat captains, have little regard for fish conservation or the marine environment, and are simply seizing the opportunity to make a quick buck from ill-informed anglers. We hope that this website will assist anglers in making a better informed choice. 

Bluesails Sportfishing operates fishing charters at Kuala Rompin and Pulau Tioman, Malaysia and other global Billfish destinations

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Bluesails Rompin Sportfishing
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