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Mid-August to mid-November (Sailfish Season)

Sailfishing in Kuala Rompin is about as straightforward as it gets. Fast trolling with Moldcraft lures or the classic Kona head lures, slow-trolling with livies, casting popper or slider lures, or fly-lures in combination with the preferred tease & switch with teasers are the main techniques deployed by Capt. Mike, as mentioned in the article "Switchbaiting Sails off Kuala Rompin", Bluewater Magazine, Issue 115.


Stand-up fishing with a gimbal for Billfish or any large quarry is the norm, providing more sport. Balloons utilized to suspend livies are generally not deployed as these are bad for the marine environment, causing potential untold deaths to sea turtles that mistake the balloons for jellyfish.

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Rather than balloons, there are other lure options & techniques for producing bites, & free-lining with livies is another way to go. Procuring the right bait size is key on days when the bites are slow or simply trolling belly strips.

Marlin, a highly sought after Billfish world-wide, are occasionally caught in Rompin & are usually juve Blacks. For shots at bigger Marlin, you stand a 90% chance heading to the deeper waters of Tioman, during the summer (June- Aug).


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Fishing in Rompin

Bluesails Sportfishing numbers catches for Sails in Kuala Rompin comparable to other top Sailfishing destinations in the world such as Costa Rica and Guatemala—but even the best fisheries can “shut-down” occasionally with only a couple of shots per day. By-catches include Macks, Cudas, Dorados & Cobia.

Bluesails Sportfishing operates fishing charters at Kuala Rompin and Pulau Tioman, Malaysia and other global Billfish destinations 

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