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Mid-August to mid-November (*min 2 days)
Fly Fishing in Rompin

Bluesails Sportfishing

Charter's preferred technique for scoring Sails has been the tease & switch deployment used for conventional fishing with livies & lures, as this is visually more exciting & rewarding. Tease switching for Sails is done from a moving boat, trolling with teasers in open water. Adapting this technique for fly-fishing, you just need to add a min 20ft cast with a fast retrieve & the proper hook-setting technique.

Too much emphasis is placed on the color & type of fly lures used. If the Sails are teased up properly to the stern of the boat they will bite pretty much any fly-lure presented with the correct action & speed. 

Capt. Mike & his crew are highly proficient in raising Sails for bites & releases on fly-lures. We feel that a dedicated fly-fishing charter is not required to hook Sails in Kuala Rompin despite claims to the contrary by a few so-called fly-fishing 'experts' who charge corresponding high 'specialist' fees. Our fly-fishing charter rate is similar to our conventional fishing charters, priced at SGD890 on a per day per boat basis for up to 4 anglers, without any significant fuel surcharges imposed.

We ensure a minimum of 5 hrs of trolling time (depending on weather / fishing conditions & time spent locating bites) using teasers such as daisy-chains, hook-less lures, deadbaits or skipbaits before you switch to a fly-lure targeting Sails. 


Fly-lure types such as 5-7 inch streamers / tube flies / poppers will have more than a decent shot of scoring a couple of Sails a day during the peak season. 

While we are confident of raising more than a dozen Sails a day during the peak season, Bluesails Sportfishing does not provide fly-gear or tackle except for a few proven fly-lures for Sails. However, we will readily assist in preparing & ensuring your fly-gear / tackle is adequately set-up for Sails, from knots to lure selection.

We do not claim to be fly-fishing gear / tackle experts but we've enjoyed a lot of success teasing & raising Sails & providing effective coaching techniques / pointers for fly-fishos. 

Fly Fishing in Rompin

We guarantee more than a few Sails raised in a day...but the number of bites & hook-ups for releases depends entirely on the skill level & experience of the fly angler! Being a good listener, open to suggestions from the crew & skipper, with their ample experience in fly-presentation & techniques, will further help to ensure successful hook-ups & releases.

Fly fishos will require a min 12wt saltwater fly-rod with min 300 yards of backing line. Please remember to bring along a spare set of fly-gear and do not bring any gear lighter than 12wt or you will have to play the Sail for too long leading to exhaustion & reducing the chance of a healthy release. The thrill & challenge of big game fishing on fly gear is teasing & hooking up the Sails, not a long drawn-out fight using a weak rod with no lifting power.


A few drills start the day, give the angler confidence & manage expectations. You should be getting bites from at least half the Sails raised, & converting more than half of these bites to successful hook-ups & releases. This result would make for a decent stat for the day anywhere in the world. Despite stories to the contrary, you do not need to be an expert fly-angler for Sails. In fact, compared to Sails, it takes more skill, experience, hard work, guidance, patience, & accuracy to target Tarpon, Permit & Bonefish! 

In accordance with IGFA rules the boat will be placed in neutral gear before casting with fly-lures can begin.  


Bluesails Sportfishing operates fishing charters at Kuala Rompin and Pulau Tioman, Malaysia and other global Billfish destinations 

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Bluesails Rompin Sportfishing
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